Sunday Schedule

8:00 AM
Holy Eucharist Rite I

9:30 AM
Lectionary Bible Study
Mathes Hall Library

10:15 AM
Sunday School
Mathes Hall

10:30 AM
Holy Eucharist Rite II

11:30 AM
Coffee in Mathes Hall

caveIt's time to register for Vacation Bible School! Cave Quest promises to be an over-the-top, underground adventure!

Plus, kids walk away understanding what it means to follow Jesus and shine his light. June 21 - June 26, 2016.

Registration is limited and volunteers are needed. Use this link to register your camper or to register yourself as a volunteer!


In the old Jimmy Stewart movie, “The Spirit of St. Louis” the story of Lindbergh’s solo flight (and they land safely) across the Atlantic, he is reminiscing about his early days flying as he tries to stay awake 40 hours. One of his early gigs is giving flying lessons to a priest-his worst ever student. The priest is trying to land the trainer plane, almost certainly bound to crash. They begin talking about why the priest is trying to do something he clearly cannot do, and Lindy confesses that he’s not really a “believer”.

"Father Hussman: How come I never see you around church? You don't believe?

Charles Lindbergh:
Well, yes, I believe. I believe in an instrument panel, a pressure gauge, a compass, things I can see and touch. I can't touch God.

Father Hussman:
You're not supposed to! He touches you!"

Pentecost is an old Jewish festival that drew the disciples together in Jerusalem 50 days after the Resurrection. They experienced fire and wind, understanding and passion. They felt “different”. They couldn’t explain what was happening but they knew that they had to go out and tell others.

Ever been there?

In our May newsletter you’ll see how people are being touched: programs on “The Way” and vision statements, feeding hungry children and teens in trouble, honoring graduates and mothers, Vacation Bible schools and youth trips to New York City. God is touching us in ways we cannot even describe, but we still need to tell others-the Spirit is coming into my life-and here is how! We spend so much of our life explaining how God is distant that we see right past how we near the Spirit is. Fire and wind, understanding and passion, strength and hope, power and change.


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Upcoming Events

Join us from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. this Saturday, May 14, for a Parish Work Day. We'll be working inside and outside, rain or shine, to make St. Matthew's sparkle! All ages are welcome!

On May 15 we’ll read the lesson from Acts that contains this scene. We’ll baptize a new Christian. We’ll do a few things that say, God is touching me! Don’t focus on you touching God-look for the Spirit touching you.